Break-in at Kaulitz Twins

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Because this is all over the news, we will post it here. It is being reported that sadly, someone broke in to the home of the Kaulitz Twins yesterday. No one was home.

Recently, there have been openly escalating events with stalkers again as well.

Sad. Very very very sad.

From Bild:
Break-in in house of the band Tokio Hotel

In the night to Thursday someone broke in in one of the houses that are used by the band TH. According to the police unknown suspects pried open the terrace door and searched the rooms. Members of the band weren’t in the building at the time. It’s not clear yet, if something was stolen, the speaker of the police says. The police got called around 11:30pm. So far there is no sign of the suspects.

We have a giant thread at the forum where developing news will be posted today.


  1. Deutschland lass' pink crystals says:

    I don’t think I can EVER find enough words to express how LIVID I am to hear that this happened to Bill and Tom! As someone who has experienced the same thing a few years ago, I can certainly understand everything the guys must be feeling right now. You go through so many emotions in the blink of an eye; anger, anxiety, fearful..etc. To know that some stranger has been inside your home, your private territory makes you feel extremely violated. I’m glad that Bill and Tom were not home at the time. And what is up with that stalker gang? HOW and WHY are they still able to harrass our guys like that? Why aren’t their butts in jail? Something needs to be done about them; like ASAP!! TO THE STALKER BITCHES: LEAVE OUR TOKIO HOTEL MEN ALONE!! DON’T MAKE ME HAVE TO TAKE TIME OFF WORK AND COME OVER THERE!!!

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  2. kairi bloodheart says:

    I know how the band feels. at my middle school some one broke into the class room und completely trashed it. my classroom was like a family,so yes it was devasating but we cleaned it up und moved on. don’t worry guys! every thing will be fine! Ich liebe dich!

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  3. I was sad when I hear this news.. & much sadder after reading all these comments.. seriously, a home is the most private place for us, how could these ppl intrude the twins privacy like this? this is terribly awful.. :'( Bill & Tom, be strong, ok? there are millions others behind u & respect u.. we love u soo much

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  4. that is so sad! i hope noting meaningful was taken. sucks it happend right after their birthday…

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  5. I heard they didn’t take anything big like TV’s or something a normal burglar would take. But they took personal things of the twins that probably mean a lot to them and would devastate both boys. :/ It is very sad indeed that someone would do something like this and hurt those poor innocent boys.
    I’m praying for them

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  6. I bet it was those french stalkers from a while back. Or it could just be those damn papparazzi:(

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  7. tomismysexybeast says:

    Oh my gosh talk about personal invasion!
    That’s so messed up? Thank God they weren’t in there, who knew what would’ve happend?
    Whoever that was has another thing coming! I hope they get found!

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  8. AtiekayAriemay says:

    Theres a price to pay being a celebrity. Which is sad. You have to worry about where you go, who you meet, where you live.
    ITS sad that their address is out on YT & the internet.. AND its sad that it was right around there birthday. I wont be surprised if they move. Personally, i would move. i wouldnt feel safe. Hopefully if they do move they’ll be able to keep it private and not have the whole world find out. [idk Germany so i have know clue if they have places in the woods where they could live, away from the city. In the USA we like to call this relaxing place, the country]
    Do they have hidden security cameras outside there house? if not they should.. [it must suck though to have to go that far..]
    And who knows who it could be. what about that one P girl? [sorry, forgot her name; the one that Tom punched?] maybe it was her? if not.. well maybe whoever is stalking them needs a piece from the guys.. Tom punching that girl seemed to scare them off..
    I’m just happy no one was there, for all we know if they were there they couldve been killed! D':
    Hopefully they’ll find out soon whats going on, hopefully theres not hidden cameras or bombs in their place. o.O
    If it was someone trying to see them or w.e you’d think they’d have common sense to know that the guys probably wouldnt be there because of there birthday..


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