Tokio Hotel TV – Bill’s Special Pill


Okay. It might actually be time to get excited. Or view LARGER on Tokio Hotel Channel. … [Read more...]

Billboard Poll

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Billboard Poll

  VOTE HERE!   … [Read more...]

Bill Kaulitz – new Tokio Hotel Video?

Bill Kaulitz instagram

Not sure the meaning of this instagram, other than a beautiful day and his hashtags indicate he is getting ready for a new video shoot! Could it be that new Tokio Hotel is finally coming? … [Read more...]

So – @halucy’s mom rules

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Bill Smile

She woke her up with this video this morning because it was TH. Good effort Mom and thanks for the blast to the past! … [Read more...]

Most Anticipated Rock Albums – Tokio Hotel

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Well, hey now! MTV has an article about 2014's most anticipated albums. And guess whose name is there? I SAID GUESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO! Not Dieter Bohlen! OY! Tokio Hotel! I think I detect a hint of snark in their post, but golly, won't they be surprised this year when the album IS … [Read more...]

Tokio Hotel Vevo

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Ready Set Go

Let's watch some videos from the Tokio Hotel Vevo. Too bad some of those old videos with millions and millions of views got taken down. Currently, they are at 80,422,286 views If they get to 100 Million, they will become Vevo Certified. CAN YOU DO THIS, Aliens? Damn you GEMA and Youtube … [Read more...]

Give back my heart that your body rejected

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Bill's Tattoo

Bill Kaulitz covers more skin! With INK! not clothes :) What do you think the symbolism of the heart means? … [Read more...]

Happy Thanks New Pic Day

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2013 Twins

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah Happy Thursday Happy new pic of Kaulitz Twins Day Here is the original, I did not realize the first one was cropped … [Read more...]

2013 Halloween Kaulitz

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Kaulitz Halloween

no words. … [Read more...]


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Tokio Hotel Hoodie

So, remember when this hoodie came out in 2008? It was at Hot Topic. Original Post Well, so... we got one! And are going to give it away at the holidays. Stay tuned, Aliens! … [Read more...]

Halloween 2013

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Well, it is Halloween again! Wonder what Bill and Tom will wear this year? And will we get a glimpse perhaps of Gustav and Georg? Hope so, for a true @tokiohotel Halloween! Are you dressing up? Pics? p.s. If any new pics of them show up, we will make a new post. Wooooooo … [Read more...]

German Bands Article

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The scene of Bill getting out of the car

PopXport has an article and they are talking about and giving excerpts from the biggest German bands. Amongst the stellar crowd - Tokio Hotel! Other bands shown include Scorpions, Kissing Dynamie, Callejon, Rammstein, Helloween and Worship Source in Spanish … [Read more...]

Interview with Gustav

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From a while ago, but always a good listen. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Gustav

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G is for the way you grin sometimes U is for words you utter like Danke Euch S is for your smile, can we see it more? T is for the talent you possess A is for the adorableness that you always show us V is for how much visual pleasure you give us. WE LOVE YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! … [Read more...]

Fan Creativity – @kiesindagame

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Look how kiesindagame did her eyes for the birthday of the Kaulitz Twins! Her Twitter … [Read more...]