Purple Shoes!

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Did you guys see Bill's shoes from Katsuya? PURPLE! A news brief appeared in Germany about his new look. Translation: And we almost didn't recognize this celebrity this morning. We'll help you a little. This young man is actually an idol for thousands of teenagers, but at the moment he … [Read more...]

Bill Kaulitz – Wunderkind Subtitled

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Yay, subtitled videos of two TV spots about Bill at the Wunderkind Fashion show in Paris have shown up. Very lovely. It was cool too to learn about Wolfgang Joop. I have always loved the smell of the Joop perfumes, but never realized there was a guy named Joop! Perhaps someday, we will all wear "Eau … [Read more...]

Twin Style Check

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Wow, how fashionable they are. Custom-tailored outfits and a tube gel in the hair. What kind of date will they have? No, they are already right in the middle of it, namely the cover-shooting for the italian vogue. Being so peaceful together, if it comes to fashion, is not usually the case. This was … [Read more...]