Optimus Secret Show Press Conference

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This was filmed last week. Thank you so much to Stern for the translation. Please credit her when you copy this elsewhere? That will be awesome, thank you! The guys seem so happy and thrilled to be on tour again! How do you feel like been Portuguese girls that are seeing you for the first time … [Read more...]

Review from Optimus Concert

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Thank you to Stern for this first review. The Portuguese girls behave themselves VERY WELL all the time. A huge THANK YOU to them otherwise all could be ruined. Everything was very relaxed, of course people cried and so, of course we had a blast and made many noise at the concert, but no high … [Read more...]

Optimus Concert Update

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Okay, finally we can say that 100% certain our beloved admin Stern is going to the Optimus concert! She was there, she stayed through the cold, the boredom, the hunger and tiredness and she will BE ON THE PLANE! Here is the info she is able to share about the concert: It is in Luxembourg, … [Read more...]

Countdown to Secret Concert

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There are three ways to win a seat on the plane to this concert. One of them is to be one of the first 30 at the Optimus Building, in Lisboa. The first 30 to get there have ticket guaranteed. Well, as of the latest update, 20 people were already there! Guaranteed tickets! They were allowed to go … [Read more...]

Secret Concert Update

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From Optimus: We are now going to reveal what will be the format of Tokio Hotel's show! YOU will have the opportunity to be in the zero moment of Tokio Hotel's tour! YOU and only a very restricted number of people will attend to the tour kick off. Though the format is not the same as one of a normal … [Read more...]

Secret Concert

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Tokio Hotel is going to give a concert at a secret location for just a couple hundred fans. Anyone in the world can enter except you have to get to Portugal to board the plane which will take you to the secret location. The Optimus Secret show will be on February 20th. Here is how to … [Read more...]