We are not afraid of anything…

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Wow, there is a really long interview in Dream-Up France. Thanks to the hard hard work of Eien, we have part one translated. Please check back here because we will update the rest when we have it. And maybe you will find the scans appealing in the meantime. There are some contradicting statements … [Read more...]

Dream Up France…

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Dream Up France has a new interview with Bill Kaulitz about how things are going, the new album and more! Thank you so much to Dailanche for the translation and to Nico for the scans! Enjoy and this one should give you lots to talk about! Issue date - January 7, 2009 "OUR NEW ALBUM WILL SURPRISE … [Read more...]

Dream-Up Interview

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Translation by Seipht at http://www.tokiohotelamerica.net/forum. Please credit her. Teasers for you! Check out the rest at the forum... it's long! Here's the link. … [Read more...]

Dream Up Magazine Interview

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September/October Issue We will jokingly call this one the issue where Tom Kaulitz pisses off American fans. Translation by Raavansnape on livejournal. Tokio Hotel – “It’s in France that everything began” Uplifted by the spiralling success and international development of the group, notably in the … [Read more...]

Georg Listing Interview

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Tokio Hotel's Georg Listing answers questions for Dreamup Magazine. Thank you for translation, Keaide and Paigik for sharing it. Georg Listing: "I've had a very liberal education!" Son of a good family, Georg was raised by parents who never set restrictions. He cleverly applied this freedom to … [Read more...]

Tom’s Interview from Dreamup Magazine

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Yay! More Tokio Hotel interviews! translation by chupju Images at the end of the post, click to biggen Tom Kaulitz Self confident, brilliant guitarist, insatiable seducer, Tom play the image of the rock star in all his splendor. Through Tokio Hotel's adventure, the young artist … [Read more...]

Bill interview from new Dreamup

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Just when I think I could not ADORE Bill more than I already do? An interview like this comes out. Translation by Pumpkin at tokiohotelus.com How would you describe your rockstar’s life ? The first image coming to my mind is like a hurricane mixing excitement, joy and stress. Being on stage, … [Read more...]

Tokio Hotel Scans from New Dreamup!

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Dream Up is a French mag and apparently, the entire issue is about Tokio Hotel this time! Scans via Juicy94 and chupju at Tokiohoteus.com Go to the gallery or see them behind the jump! … [Read more...]

Bill Kaulitz – Dream Up Poster

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Enjoy! … [Read more...]