Fan Spotlight — Meet Twelfthnight1, Graphics Team

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banner feature

You've heard the saying: "It takes a village to raise a child." The same philosophy applies for Tokio Hotel America where many hands help to make this vibrant community that celebrates Tokio Hotel. As we have just announced that we are looking for more graphic talent to join the team, we would … [Read more...]

Fan Spotlight – Mother-Daughter Celebration With Glenda

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Glenda and Sarah

THA, I promised you another mom-daughter celebration of all things TH.  Glenda, one of THA's moderators, and her daughter Sarah were gracious enough to give us a glimpse of their TH love. Thank you, ladies. So, many of you shared with the THA fandom your personal experiences that were touching, … [Read more...]

Fan Spotlight — Mother-Daughter Celebration With Elderhaus

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Dear THA, the month of May is when we celebrate mothers—Woot!  Whether you have a special relationship with your mother, or someone who is motherly in all the right ways to you, we, here, at the fandom are making a few shout outs to mothers AND daughters. I love that we do have special stories of … [Read more...]

Fan Spotlight — Reminiscing about Tokio Hotel’s Milan Concert

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TH Milan Feature

On April 12, 2010, Tokio Hotel not only rocked the rafters in Milan with an epic concert, but used this venue to tape their live concert DVD. If the fans at the Padova concert were any indication of the love that would be shown in Milan, Tokio Hotel was guaranteed the most intense fan love and squee … [Read more...]

Fan Creativity Spotlight — Lizard

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Hi Fandom, we've got another fan spotlight for you. This time we will meet Lizard. I love her sense of humor, as you'll see from the graphic pics below. THA: You can pick six adjectives to describe yourself, what words would you choose? Lizard: Lazy (yet like Bill and Tom I'm also a … [Read more...]

Fan Creativity Spotlight – Artfreakpt

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Anyone taking a stroll through the Fan Creativity thread will encounter some of Artfreakpt drawings. Add her to THA's family of talented artists. Join me, as we learn a little more about Artfreakpt. THA: When did you become a fan of TH? I became a fan of TH when I was drawing Bill for the … [Read more...]

Fan Creativity Spotlight — Quill

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Hey Tokio Hotel fandom, meet Quill. YAY!!! Back in September,  there was a contest to win Quill’s painting. She wanted to give the piece a new home. Lucky me. I got that special gift which just happened to match a new star tattoo on my forearm.  Show some love, fandom. So, … [Read more...]

Fan Creativity Spotlight – Tanziana

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Tokio Hotel America's fandom just keeps rocking. Stepping up to the plate is Tanziana who has several Tokio Hotel cover songs on her YouTube account for our viewing pleasure. I enjoyed her recordings, warm personality, and her taste in music. LOL Here's Tanziana...take it away. Tanziana: I'm … [Read more...]

Fan Creativity Spotlight – LainieLane

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Tokio Hotel’s fans are the best. We converge at Tokio Hotel America to share our mutual passion for all things Tokio Hotel. Sit back and relax, as we turn the spotlight on one of you – LainieLane, artist, writer, poet. (part 1 of a 3) Moonshadow by LainieLane LainieLane: I’m a 21 year old … [Read more...]

Tokio Hotel Japan Showcase – Conclusion

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Tokio Hotel’s Japan Showcase can be labeled a whopping success. Alas, all good things, though, must come to an end. We wind up the occasion with Vnlasteamer’s notes on the band’s visit to the Germany embassy in Tokyo and their showcase. See the multitude of videos and photos, along with the details … [Read more...]

Tokio Hotel Japan Showcase – Part 1

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Tokio Hotel Japan

Tokio Hotel America is delighted to bring you highlights of the Tokio Hotel Japan Showcase. Vnlasteamer, who is not only a fan, but also doubling as our eyes and ears for the is wonderful event, will share her observation and review. Vnlasteamer: The most precious part of seeing TH live is … [Read more...]

Tokio Hotel America Interview: Mexico Concert

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Tokio Hotel never does anything with a whimper or sputter. The Latin America tour blasted through São Paulo, Brazil, Santiago Chile, Lima, Peru, culminating with a triumphant finale in Mexico City on Thursday, December 2, 2010. Palacio del Desportes, the arena, must have had its foundation rocked … [Read more...]

Caught On Camera On Christmas List?

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Caught On Camera

This holiday season promises to be fruitful with Tokio Hotel's Best Of digital album, followed by the CD and DVD of several videos. Doesn't it make sense to continue the collection of all things Tokio Hotel with your copy of Caught On Camera DVD? What is Caught On Camera? - Flashback to December … [Read more...]

Flashback-Wet Monsoon Performance

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TH EMA 2 2007

In some parts of the U.S., warm weather is about to be a thing of the past. Instead of gathering logs for the fireplace or sipping on a cup of hot cocoa, why not gaze on a hot image of Bill drenched from gallons of water during his live Monsoon performance on MTV EMA. In Munich, on November 1, … [Read more...]

Fanclub Interview — Tokio Hotel Australia

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Here's a first for our fanclub. An interview with all the leaders of another fanclub as we explore that mantra of world domination. As fans, we know that we have one thing in common our support for the band. What else do we share? How are we different? Perhaps what we will learn is that under the … [Read more...]