Poll Update: Easter Bunny Bill Kaulitz

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Well, the poll is done and your results are in. If Bill Kaulitz was the Easter Bunny, an overwhelming majority of you would want him to wiggle his booty into the basket for you.

Bill Kaulitz Humanoid Era

Shout out to the 17 of you who wanted a pony, may that pony swiftly carry you to the next Tokio Hotel concert.

If Bill was the Easter Bunny, what would you like him to put in your Easter Basket?
Himself (60%, 968 Votes)
Tom (19%, 301 Votes)
**censored** (10%, 156 Votes)
A billion dollars (7%, 108 Votes)
Gustav (3%, 41 Votes)
Georg (2%, 34 Votes)
A pony (0%, 17 Votes)
Total Voters: 1,624

On to the next poll… Bill’s facial hair.


  1. tokio hotel my love forever in my vid and Mert wherever you will always love

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  2. Pottymouth says:

    I just popped in to look at the picture. So reminiscent of that gorgeous King Tut funeral mask. And the Def Leppard song Photograph is playing on my suite mate’s radio. “You’re all I want, my fantasy”. So appropriate in this moment!

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  3. Ali-saurus says:

    Yeah that’s right, I wanted a pony :P

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  4. CyborgsWillRule (says Beksii) says:

    Some comments R a lil sick, I mean, a guy having facial hair is not a crime! C’mon! They R humans (cute 1s though!) ! All humans grow and devolop their bodies etc. (Not going into detail but we just finished that in Science O.o). And that is a sign that Bill hadnt done a pernament hair removal thingy, pretty much common. Don’t make a fuss over nothing! (K, U should fuss over his cuteness but thats not D point!)

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  5. and still no one has mentioned that Tom is looking more like Rapunzel everyday. hahaha not that i care one way or the other..since he is Tom Kaulitz

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    • Just B' says:

      LOL I’m with you! He’s hair is soooo long! But he’s so hot!
      Bill is not human at all, he’s so hot in this pic.

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  6. Alicia says:


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  7. i love the facial hair <3

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  8. I couldn’t find seven answers I agreed with! XD

    I loved it on him. *shrug* I don’t want to shave him unless he asks >.>, I liked his shirt a lot (so he can leave it on, as far as I’m concerned), and I thought his nosering and eyebrows looked fine…

    I’m certainly glad the option about us winning is in the lead, though :)

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