So – @halucy’s mom rules

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She woke her up with this video this morning because it was TH.

Good effort Mom and thanks for the blast to the past!

Bill Smile


  1. how come there hasn’t been any updates here?? the MTV MMM is happening and we’re at the 4th round!!!

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    • marzopices3911 says:

      Dunno, maybe because everyone is busy voting in the next round.

      All you Aliens out there, if you haven’t been voting in MMM, start voting. We’re going to need every vote we can get if we want to beat Palaye Royale.

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  2. My best friends dream has always been to meet Bill. Please like & share this video to help her dream come true! I know you all have dreams, so why not help this girl out!?

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  3. marzopices3911 says:

    I remember that video! It’s been a while. Maybe I should get my parents to wake me up with TH; it’d might help with the “I don’t wanna get up”s.

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