Tokio Hotel Vevo

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Let’s watch some videos from the Tokio Hotel Vevo. Too bad some of those old videos with millions and millions of views got taken down.

Currently, they are at 80,422,286 views

If they get to 100 Million, they will become Vevo Certified. CAN YOU DO THIS, Aliens?

Damn you GEMA and Youtube fighting.


  1. Hi

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  2. Rosalie Sugar says:

    Meep! TH Forever <3

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  3. darkndevilish says:

    Just remember you have to get 100 million views PER VIDEO for the video to receive a VEVO Certified status. It’s not the whole channel that gets it.

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  4. marzopices3911 says:

    I don’t understand Vevo things… but I love these videos!
    What videos got taken down? Oh noes! (if it’s any THTV, I think you can still watch them on Youtube, cause other people posted them on their channels.)

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