2013 Halloween Kaulitz

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no words.


  1. Yoooo seriously tho, when is their new album coming out????

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  2. Philicia_89 says:

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  3. automatic-bill-kaulitz says:

    I love love love their costumes every year they all ways amaze me with their creativity. I really love how Bill helped Tom with his makeup.

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  4. That’s… *w* Wow. Bill’s some kind of elf or faerie, right? And Tom’s a pirate of some sort… *sigh* Why are they so effing gorgeous?! XD

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  5. I think bill is that guy from 300. The bad guy with all the peircing.

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  6. marzopices3911 says:

    I know! These pictures are just too awesome for words. Amazing costumes, twin moment. How much better can they get?

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  7. Bill and Tom always bring out their creativity during Halloween. Every Single Year!! What exactly is Bill supposed to be?? just wondering. I love Tom’s costume…….a pirate of some sort. He just stole my heart from Bill….lol….jk *can’t stop smiling*

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