Halloween 2013

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Well, it is Halloween again!

Wonder what Bill and Tom will wear this year?

And will we get a glimpse perhaps of Gustav and Georg? Hope so, for a true @tokiohotel Halloween!

Are you dressing up?


p.s. If any new pics of them show up, we will make a new post. Wooooooo


  1. They don’t live in L.A. anymore?? But why????

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    • marzopices3911 says:

      I haven’t heard anything about that. I think they still are, but maybe they’re going back and forth between Germany and LA right now because of album stuff. And besides, that DDM contest said the winners were going to LA to meet the twins. They probably haven’t left there yet, although if they did in the future I guess it wouldn’t be too surprising. Germany’s their true home, after all.

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  2. Nice costumes the best I’ve seen ever

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  3. They don’t live in the USA anymore btw

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  4. I heard they went back to Germany because they couldn’t get a record company to promote their latest recordings. The industry is nose-diving and they’re taking on very few projects.
    By looks of the industry of late, it seems they’ll only promote someone if they take off their clothes. Sad

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  5. I love their costumes ^-^ My roommates and I are dressing up as Alice in Wonderland – I’m Alice XD

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  6. marzopices3911 says:

    Those are awesome costumes. I wonder how they’ll dress this year (and I still wonder how Bill ever was able to walk in those particular boots).
    And totally dressing up! It’s Halloween!

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