Interview with Gustav

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From a while ago, but always a good listen.


  1. marzopices3911 says:

    Okay guys, only a few more weeks til the EMAs! Right now we’re NUMBER ONE! WHOO! So let’s try to stay that way! If you haven’t started, go and vote so the Directioners and Beliebers will fail if they try to pull a fast come-from-behind win at the last minute! Let’s go Aliens! THIS IS FOR THE WIN! (And besides, wouldn’t it be awesome if Tokio Hotel announced the release date of their new album when they win?)

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  2. THFan(#1 EMA FTW, D-21!) says:

    # I voted to earn points for TH to win~♬ ▷▶ ~*(on 2013 MTV EMA!) (Let’s do like crazy, danke~*)

    ps. See on the right, about how to earn points for TH to win #1, as it’s very urgent, D-21.. (Also, Justin Bib** fans or 1Driection fans chase TH fans, esp now Justin B is #2, OK?) Keep posting all over twits&FBs etc, utilizes your mobile devices like iPhones or iPads etc. You should do like last #1 MMM or OMA, make the utmost of your spare time. It’s not playing time, thanks every single of you who keep on voting for #1 TH on EMA~! :)

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  3. Angelica Barrios Jara says:

    *www* Gus is so cutte <3 i love you

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  4. Oh. My god…..Gustav is so cute :’)

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  5. marzopices3911 says:

    Hey guys, the MTV EMAs are coming up and Tokio Hotel’s in the running for the Biggest Fans. Problem is, we’re in 4th right now, so that’s not good. So everybody, run over to the MTV EMA website, sign up, join the TH fan army and let’s get some points! We’ve only got until November, and maybe not even that, so get on there fast! Let’s GO ALIENS!

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  6. Aww Gustav is so cuuttee!(: and his English is really good!!

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  7. He is so intelligent<3. talk more Gusti! you've got lots to say!

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  8. marzopices3911 says:

    Aw, Gustav! I love that interview!

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