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Awesome! Some lucky fans got to have Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz sign some stuff for them after the DSDS Motto Show!

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  1. Aww, they’re so smiley and sweet ^^

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  2. Actually I think in the second video you see their bodyguards. They are there to protect them. I’ve been to a signing and I’ve seen girls try to attack them before, it’s a little scary. Also my sister left her autograph by accident and I went back to get it. The bodyguard stopped me at first then I explained it to him and he let me get it. I don’t think he fully understood me though, because I was speaking English but when he saw I wasn’t a threat he let me go back and get it. So they are nice guys, it’s just their job to protect them. Also this is more of a safe place, because it’s a limited number, were at the signing their must have been hundreds of girls.

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  3. marzopices3911 says:

    Oh those lucky fans.

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  5. Looking at Bill standing next to his fan with the old look he had suprised me. He legs are long and is really tall!!! Bill was wearing flat shoes and the fan’s platform shoes are really high and still wasn’t tall enough to reach his height. He looks like he is around 6’3 or 6’4 .

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  6. In the second video, at the 0:19 second mark. Looks like someone has toilet paper. WTH??? XD

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  7. beautiful, simply beautiful.

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