Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 7

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The day is here. We do not know if it is more auditioning or what. No matter what though, it will be awesome!

Good luck getting on a livestream, if you do not, RTL always re-airs the show later. HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THEM? Should be try to be their blog girlfriend?



Here are the livestreams links that we know about. (that do not have virus)


  1. kaulitzluvrfurimmer says:

    I wish i could see it!! stupid livestream wont work on my computer for some strange reason. and i found a really good website to watch it but its not avalible in the US. tht sucks!! but i watch some of it on think thts the site, not possitive though)

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  2. Yay! DSDS! I’m not joining the livestream battle, though. I always wait until RTL re-airs it later.

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