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In this recent magazine from Bravo Bulgaria, Bill and Tom Kaulitz talk about the challenges of being on the Deutschland Sucht den Superstar jury, such as the early hours that must be awake! The scans and translation are from Tokio

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“We don’t tolerate the candidates only from regret!” (think this means they will not move anyone forward to recall because they feel sorry)

In Germany is running the tenth season of the popular music format Music Idol. As like before BRAVO is reporting, Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel, along with the rapper Mateo (34) and Diter Bohlen (58) are in the jury of the talent machine. And here is what they share in exclusive interview for BRAVO…

BRAVO: Why you accept becoming part of the jury?
Bill: It’s fun! But we have more commitments, than we expected! (laughs)

BRAVO: The pressure is high?
Tom: The biggest challenge for us is actually the working time. We have to get up at 6 am every day! Usually I went to bed at that time…
Bill: It’s hard, when you have to make the decision who to support. I always tought, that they’re good, or not. But it turned out that all of them are an average level, what can you say for people, who are doing well, but just can’t move forward?
Tom: We’re searching for singers with unique voices, or people, who have the potential to develop. We encourage those who are on average level, to continue engage in singing as a hobby. But nothing more.

BRAVO: Do you have a problem with saying your thoughts openly?
Bill: No.
Tom: (laughs and turns to Bill.) Actually, yes! Everytime it gets hasty you say: “You’re really sweet or really sympathetic.” That’s because you see how their tears are falling down.
Bill: It’s hard! They have the right to know, that it’s not gonna work out. We’re not letting anyone move forward because of regret!

BRAVO: Did it was from the very beginning clear that both of you are going to be jurors?
Tom: At first, they invited only me, but they I stated: “Without Bill I’ll not participate!”
Bill: (laughs) Nonsense! They invited both of us, and that’s more interesting for us too!

BRAVO: Is there anyting in the show that you want to change?
Tom: We intend to help candidates and behind the camera. They often need styling advices or help in choosing the right song. We want to present them perfectly, not to made fun of them!


  1. BLACK VEIL BRIDES!!!!!!!…..

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  2. Tom Kaulitz on the same page as One Erection???? Tom has more sexiness in his big toe than all of though wannabe singers have all together. I guess i was the only one to notice.

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  3. I love how sweet they are and how they realize if they let people go through who can’t sing, they will only be hurting themselves. It’s a hard job to do but in the end they are helping.

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  4. Is that Black Veil Brides on the front cover?

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  5. kaulitzluvrfurimmer says:

    Lol, I could never be like that. Id be like “Sorry..” *person starts crying* “No no dont cry!! Its ok! your very good! your in.” i wish i was more like Bill und Tom

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  6. Marcy Kaulitz says:

    i see how it is Bill

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  7. Bill sounds sweet and Tom sounds funny *laughs* :)

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