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TWO THOUSAND AND SIX. It was an interview with them, on MTV Pulse, France. So the questions are in French, they are replying in German and no subtitles. But we have a translation for you.

Enjoy! (p.s.) I think the translation is missing a lot, so please feel free to tell us what got missed back in the day.

A Bloc de Tokio Hotel by billthotelpiczocom

Green Day:
Bill: I think that Green day is a really awesome band.
I saw them once in concert and I was very surprised.
(The concert) Live, it’s really great. And I think that in their videos
they bring something new. They are very well made, they are f*cking awesome.

Tokio Hotel about Pink
Bill: About P!nk, it’s her voice that I love. She’s the type of person who’s very atypical and rough. That’s what I like, ’cause I don’t really like standard voices, I think that it’s annoying.
She is really particular/special.
Tom: We wanted to go see her during her tour (he says something about Germany)
Bill: Yeah, but unfortunately we won’t have time to go see her.
Bill I think? : We have her live DVD and she’s really a great singer

Tokio Hotel MetallicaMetallica:
Gustav: For me, Metallica is THE metal band. You can’t say it any other way.
In 2006, I was in Berlin, where they were performing.
Tom: And we weren’t there.
Georg: That’s when I was seeing Placebo.
Gustav: Yeah, you guy’s weren’t there.
They played alot of old songs; it was really great. They’re really the best metal group.

Foo Fighters:
Gustav: I think I’m the only one who listens to them often.
? : I listen to them sometimes too.
Gustav: (sarcastically) Yeah, yeah, of course.
I’m the only one that listens to them really regularly.
I like all of their videos and albums. There last album isn’t bad but I prefer their old ones because there was more on them; they had more singles. As far as style goes, Dave Grohl is awesome. In Nirvana, it (his style) got better and it evolved on the album (“In Utero”). He did everything himself. He’s really someone that wants it. He’s going to be big.

Avril Lavigne:
Bill: (Sk8ter Boi), I love that song.
I think the video is practically the best there’s ever been.
It was really hard to make it, and it took a long time too.
It’s really different from anything we normally see or hear.
When it’s a girl who sings, it’s mostly ballads.
But her music is really cool and her video’s great!


  1. marzopices3911 says:

    The only band that I don’t like out of all of those is Metallica (just never got into them).
    I think this is the most I’ve ever seen Gustav speak.

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  2. I just miss the boys :(

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  3. thephantomrider says:

    Cool interview! I’ve heard of all the artists mentioned but hm I don’t think I’ve listened to songs from all of them or I don’t remember so I’m gonna go and check them out. :-)
    It’s nice seeing what they think of other artists, they are always so nice while still saying their opinion.

    All I can say about the translation is that after listening to some parts and checking the text, it’s basically okay. It’s not that accurate at places but the main idea is still there. I could translate it again for you guys but I feel like there are parts where it’s hard to understand what they’re saying (their voices overlap lol) and my French isn’t terrific either. But if you want, I’ll translate it, just tell moi. lol

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  4. I believe it was Tom who said he liked the Foo Fighters too. At 1:40 he lifts up the microphone and says it pretty lowly. lol I love all the bands they listed, even if I never dated any of them I’d love to just be friends. They always seem like sweet guys and remind me of my best friends.

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  5. Because one looks like two people had a decoration war and one look like a very refined bass player did it.

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  6. Me too, but I am excited for DSDS!

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