Phantomrider Live

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RyzMonsoon on the forum just asked a question in our Q & A section and it was weird because a lot of us did not remember this quote. And it is really awesome!

Seventeen Magazine, 2009:
“It’s about being close to someone you never really met before. You want to escape from something and you want this ghost-like soulmate to come away with you because it’s the only thing you have faith in. The track carries hope.”


And here is a really nice lyric video someone made


  1. Angelica Barrios Jara says:

    Ilove this song!!!

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  2. love this song!!!!! i love that they slowed it down for this tour..<3
    i also enjoy that video, where he forgets the words LOL it's ok Bill, we've got your back, and will sing them back! :D

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  3. marzopices3911 says:

    So THAT’S what the song’s about. Cool.
    Love that song so much.

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  4. sammy mcqueen says:

    Kick butt song but would really like to hear non- acoustic version live.

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  5. That lyric video was the first time I had ever listened to Phantomrider; I remember getting chills from it because it was such an amazing song. And it STILL is! :-D

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  6. I love this song!! I never really knew what the song really was about. Now I know. Haha. Everytime I hear this song I fall more in love with Tokio Hotel!! ^_^

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