Undying Support from Tokio Hotel Fans

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In response to their first round win on MTV March Madness…

“Thank you so much to our fans,” frontman Bill Kaulitz said. “Although we locked ourselves in the studio and didn’t release a new record for a long time, you guys are still supporting us in such a strong way, that’s incredible! Thank you!”

In 2010, MTV News threw Tokio Hotel into our inaugural Musical March Madness tournament almost as an afterthought, sticking them with a #16 seed and putting them up against #1 Coldplay with the assumption that they’d probably lose.

Only they didn’t.

In fact, thanks to the undying support of their fanbase, Tokio Hotel crushed Coldplay, and began a remarkable two-week run that saw them knock off heavily favored bands like Radiohead, Vampire Weekend and Owl City before losing to eventual champions Coheed and Cambria in a controversial Final Four matchup.

Read the full article on MTV Newsroom!

and just because a post like this deserves an awesome picture…


  1. happy april it love TOKIO HOTEL!

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  2. Dinahkin says:

    Its great to see MTV holding a competition for fans – I’m sure the competing bands pr machines really appreciate it ;)

    I think its great that Tokio Hotel have an appreciation of their fanbase but I’m pretty sure that individual band members couldn’t care less who wins “March Madness” – they are probably concentrating on their music and have more interest in important events in the world like the recent Tsunami in Japan ..

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  3. mrsjenkaulitz says:

    You are most very welcome, Bill :]] Your adorable-ness is what makes us love you so much. True fans all the way!!

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  4. Go to march madness and vote!!! I’ve been looking at their poll with muse and tokiohotel is dropping! We got to make sure Tokio Hotel gets through!

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    • omygosh, i know, im starting to get scared! COME ON GUYS MAKE SOME NOISE FOR TOKIO HOTEL… we cant lose to muse.

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  5. omygoshomygoshomygosh

    I’m soooooo happy for them!! I never thought that they’d win against Coldplay! COLDPLAY!!!


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  6. I think Tokio Hotel might lose against Muse. Because Muse is gaining really fast. I checked the poll out a few minutes ago. and well it’s close to 50/50

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  7. I died when I saw that. and after I read that I saw some videos on MTV, interviews of T.H ! I have never seen a band so down to Earth like Tokio Hote. There will NOBODY else that could ever replace them

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  8. Ely Kaulitz says:

    HUMANOIDS! Our percentage is dropping dramatically! Please help!

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    • Meggi2010 says:

      we’re climbing a little! When I got on a few minutes ago we were at 50.38 and now we’re at 50.54!

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  9. AHHH!!! I just now realized that Tokio Hotel is already up against Muse in the 3rd round right this second!!! AND WE’RE ONLY ABOUT 5% AHEAD!!! We NEED to beat them… Come on! Wooo let’s vote…! Please put up a post so everyone knows! :D

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  10. Ely Kaulitz says:

    HUMANOIDS! Muse have only a tad bit to catch up I am on cooling period Fellow Humanoids let’s show them what were made of! So much trash is being talked about Tokio Hotel let’s not fall to words but yet to our fingers ;D lets batllte!

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  11. Ok every one right now were against the muse
    I know thats not the best link but thats the best I have right now.
    Were at 52.34% Keep voting

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  12. lexxiiRAWR says:

    Awh man, I got super excited when I saw the picture, and then when I clicked on it. Nothing happened?! Can you make a computer/laptop background for us fans??

    But YAY! Us!

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