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Tokio Hotel continued their promotion in Japan with an interview. It was live streamed early on the 10th of February and fans were commenting via a live chat. Here are the videos of the event, thanks to @lebenszeichen__

Here is our photobucket with 67 screencaps! Thank you to diz_sykes for these amazing and BIG screencaps!

Bill is shiny, Georg looks like he is ready for summer, Tom looks like a cuddly teddy bear, Gustav looking handsome in black!

Another link now added, HQ HD version, thanks to Tokio Hotel China.




Thank you so much for the videos to

Visit too Tokio Hotel Japan

So, what do you think of the band today?


  1. Mandy Gomez says:

    Cute interview :) Just wish the translator would speak up since it was a little difficult to follow at times. If anyone knows of where I can find the interview with subtitles (english or spanish) that would be awesome.

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  2. This interview was a little tedious because they were mumbling like the whole time! However, thats forgiven when Bill looks straigt into the camera at Pt. 3 at 6:15

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  3. Look at how Bill’s sitting! ha ha, he’s too tall for that couch!

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  4. did anyone else notice the PURPLE NAIL POLISH!!!
    I’m sorry, but that is AWESOME!
    Bill seriously keeps rockin’ my neon socks off!!

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  5. *off topic* You know Kilian Kerner a german fashion designer was seen wearing a Tokio Hotel t-shirt! ^^ He’s worn one before in the past.

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