Tokio Hotel Flashback – Chemnitz

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Tokio Hotel from March 14, 2006. Schrei! Unbelievable!

Photobucket of more photos


  1. moreblack4ever says:

    ok,if i were in a tokio hotel concert i would scream he lyrics….not just scream something like those girls!!!or i would just staring at bill(sorry 4 my bad english im from greece!)

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  2. i love love LOVE watching their concerts from 2006…idk, those are just soo amazing <33

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  3. I can’t believe that with Bill being so close to the fans that he didn’t get pulled down from the stage!
    And, I honestly love “pogo Bill” in the first video…so cute bouncing up and down. It is crazy to see them so young, and still so intense. It makes me so happy to see them still rocking hard today, and knowing the best is yet to come from them.

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  4. oldfartbutstillafan says:

    The shirt he’s wearing looks like it was the inspiration for the hairdo that followed. : )

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  5. Meggi2010 says:

    Dear Fangirls, I understand your desire to scream, and squee, etc. when you’re that near four of God’s most beautiful and talented creations. I have it just WATCHING the video! But you are at a concert..could you at least scream the words to the song or something, and listen when said beauty is trying to speak to you? You’d think if you paid to listen to them you would actually listen…concerts are better when you can hear the band…and youtube viewers of concert footage would love you more… :D
    All my love:

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  6. lilliephoenix says:

    wow, that’s pretty awesome.
    you can’t hear a thing over the screaming fangirls.
    it’s amazing that they got that close to bill and tom.
    geo looks sexy in the first video.
    i miss the early days, there was much more jumping and headbanging and flail!dancing to the harder sound.

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  7. elderhausgirlz says:

    Wow…it’s very possible that that third vid is the closest I’ll ever get to Bill!! Huge props to Meridiana15 for maintaining composure…and THANK YOU!! :-)

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  8. this girl did a good job keeping that camera steady with Bill right in front of her. Not sure if I can do the same!

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  9. mariana1989 says:

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! >:0
    the sound at my lapotop doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so angry right now !

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  10. Vanessa D. says:

    I love Tom’s head movements! lol

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  11. Bill always looks like he’s having so much fun! How awesome it must be to be the lead singer of the most awesome band in the world! XD

    Love this, thanks for posting Schnee! :)

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  12. They had to know they were destined for Stardom!!

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  13. Ohh so cute!

    I LOVE :)

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  14. Cumbersomeeee says:

    I still can’t believe they’re so successful now….. Actually I can! They’re awesome! Looking back at these videos reminds me that they worked so hard to get where they are now and that the tokio hotel fans will ALWAYS be faithful!!!! Only one thing to say, Tokio Hotel will never stop screaming :)

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