Hurricanes and Suns Video Now

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Squee. Seriously, I love this video. This song is one of the best Tokio Hotel songs for me. I love it. I want to dance. It lifts my spirits.

Watch it now at PLEASE. Please watch it at the Tokio Hotel Site. Their management counts hits and makes decisions based on fans visiting the site and showing support.

Seriously. They do.



  1. biilllllllllll kaulitz and tom kauliiiiiitz i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu:*:&*:*

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  2. Christine says:

    Ive never heard “Hurricanes And Suns”, but once i heard it, i was blown away.Nice job guys.
    Love you Bill.:)

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  3. huricanes and suns
    4 ever = tokio hotel …
    tokio hotel… for us….

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  4. i love tokio hotel 4 ever..
    tokio hotel .. lima peru humanoid city!!!
    tokio hotel 4 ver .. in the wordl……
    tokio hotel .. 4 everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  5. arden:) (lovesbill) says:

    i love whole video of hurricanes and suns i mean it looks back on there past and how far tokio hotel come!!!!!! also i just adore the he-he-halo parts!!!!! (omg ~fan girl clap~) anyways, bills voice is so……. whats the word… oh yeah! manly so, so…….deep and beautiful!!!!!!!!anyways is toms voice in the backround of the song in some parts ………..(wondering..) so, yeah long story short love love love the new song and love tokio hotel forever oh and thumbs up for bills freaking awesome hair over the years ich liebe dich tokio hotel fur immer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tokio hotel fan girl out PEACE!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  7. TeeKayySupporter21 says:

    I like this because it sounds more like THEM, more like Scream, when most fell for their metaphoric lyrics, and their heartfelt sound. The techno/synth sound from Humanoid, I feel, wasn’t doing them justice.

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  8. Victory_Lane says:

    Will Hurricanes and Suns be available on iTunes? I hope so. & SOON

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  9. omgggggggggggs i love tis effing song i cnt wait to get the effing cd. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..

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  10. OMGZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! This song is simply ahmazeeng!!!!!XD Cant wait till its ready?? Yeah!! :)

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  11. rosieechan says:

    He-he-Halo! He-he-Halo! Gosh, I love this song.
    And the video. Loved the video from the beginning, I love backwards-videos like this one, and with this song, it’s incredibly epic. :D

    Watching this has made me get into TH once again (I had taken a little break ^^’).

    And did anyone see that interview in Taipei? SQUEE, how adorable was that?!

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    • When I see the video, I say, ‘Ah, memories!’ Because of the little snips of Tokio Hotel TV, photo shoots, etc. It’s so awesome! ‘Phat’ to Bill ;-) The video is full of Tokio Hotel’s past, if you listen to the lyrics, they say, ‘don’t you know we’ve JUST BEGUN’ Oooh! What’s next then? It’s something probably HUGE because it’s in their song.. in a DELUXE EDITION OF THEIR CD.. am I the only curious one here? ;-)

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  12. hehehehe luv de vid nice de first time i watched it hehehe luv diz vids just givs a taste of de old days

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  13. =)
    by 2:45, the song gets really dramatic… i love it to bits! makes me feel so proud to be their fan and its so true, LIFE IS TOO SHORT NOT TO BE THEIR FAN… ich liebe dich fur immer Tokio! =)

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  14. очень классная песня и очень классный звуковой эффект….вау

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  15. AiraSilver says:

    I love that instead of making an actual video to go with the songs they used old videos and more. It lets us newer fans to the band see them when they were younger and see how they grew. It gives the older fans memories of watching the band grow and I just adore how they put the videos together. To me, it doesn’t matter that the videos don’t go with the songs. I can listen without watching ast still love the songs but watching the videos give me a glimpse into the band’s past.

    In some ways it feels as if they are wanting to end but in others, to me, it feels as if they want to restart their career. The twins are in LA, the G’s in Germany, maybe they want to take a break? I don’t blame them, I mean they have been going on for what almost 10-11 years now? Another of my favorite artists burned out, took 4 yrs off and came back stronger than ever. Hopefully that’s just what the band is doing and deciding to take a break, a much needed break. Not a vacation but a break from recording, touring, appearances, and etc. When they come back, if they do take the break, they’ll be stronger than ever.

    Oh, as for Bill being shown, we might not like it, but he is the frontman, the singer. He and Tom are more out there than Gustav and Georg. Which yes is wrong in some ways but remember, fans only come at first because of Bill (I did, his singing pulled me in and then I fell for the rest of the band). Maybe not all but Bill pulls us in and then the others. So yeah, I can understand why they show him but the others are alos shown. Maybe not as much as people want but they are. So please, stop complaining and just adore the look back. Because that is what these videos are, a look back and a great one at that.

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  16. its been a decade since Tokio Hotel started right?
    it just feels so amazing,as a fan, to see your favorite band grow up and be more and more successful.

    for the next 10 years Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav!

    *alien dance while crying

    btw, this makes me more anticipated towards the release of their “Best of” album launch… Philippines will have an album launch and it is a must for me to go! I would gladly skip school just to be one of the firsts to grab a copy.

    Tokio Hotel: to infinity and beyond! XD

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