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OMG, I feel like I’m being spoiled for Christmas!  This is awesome. New Tokio Hotel videos!

Tokio Hotel’s Official homepage just got a makeover, and they’ve announced that the world premiere of the Hurricanes and Suns music video will happen some time tomorrow on December 2nd!  You will be able to watch the Hurricanes and Suns music video exclusively on TokioHotel.de and Sevenload.

And another awesome surprise, it looks like the unreleased song from 2003 Mädchen aus dem All will have a music video too.  This one premieres the day after on December 3rd.  You will be able to watch the Mädchen aus dem All music video exclusively on TokioHotel.de and MyVideo.de.

All of this info comes from the Official German newsletter.  Thanks to BKth4e for translating.


  1. will these videos be available on itunes??

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  2. AiraSilver says:

    I just got into the fandom and band this year so being able to watch these flashback videos and hear them then and now, LOVE so much.

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  3. IndyTHLover says:

    I think the idea of these fast forward/rewind videos is incredibly clever and totally appropriate for a “Best Of” celebration! I myself am not a huge fan of “concept” videos because more often than not, the concept portrayed in them is nothing like the one already put into my mind by the song. So I actually prefer videos made up of performance and BTS footage. (And I never, ever tire of seeing TH performance and BTS footage, whether flashback or current, anyway!) BTW, there is this awesome video on YouTube where someone has put these two videos side by side on a split screen and when you pause it at a certain point, they meet at the same musical time period! How cool is that?!

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  4. Margo De Clercq says:

    Oh my god, I don’t understand German but I try to follow one hour German in the week and I’ve good points :-D But that beginnersluck can’t stay forever! Help I’m gonna have my first German Exam soon, that’s gonna be a totaly disaster, off course I’m the biggest worlddisaster myself! And I’m automatic, there’s no real love in me so the earth and everybody would be much nicer without me! They should cut me en let my blood fall, please don’t tell me that they hurted Bill and Tom Kaulitz! I have to eat, a pizza of American Style! Talk to you soon!
    xx Margo

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