Hurricanes and Suns Debut Update

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For some reason, the time seems to have changed. Or a lot of us had it wrong no matter what because … who knows why

According to Mad Radio, it will air at “around” 8 am local time in Greece.

Here is a link to the current time in Greece, from this, you can figure out your own timezone, because I suck at it.

It will be about an hour from now.

Livestream is here

Post your thoughts here!

You can listen here.


  1. Paige Rozer says:

    this is so freakin fantasmic!!!!! But how is it that i didnt even hear of it until now? why didnt i know it was coming? When is their next album coming out? man! I am so excited!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 u< x] <3<3<3

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  2. It’s stuck on repeat right now @my place!! Loves it! ha-ha-halo…! *sings along*

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  3. AMAZINGG SONG!! But . . . they keep changing the way they sound. This song sounds like they are actually leaning into Pop Music than rock, its different from “Humanoid” and WAYY different from “Scream”! Bill’s creativity is absolutly PERFECT!! The hits keep coming! I Adore the song (and wanna download it really badly!!) Lol Im counting the days for a New TH album to come out :) I love the boys. They should never stop.! P.s. Has anyone noticed that when bill kinda changes his style, the music changes too? Scream – Lion Maine n brow peircing. Humanoid- Mohawk, Puff, Septum piercing, and his clothes changed . . . Hurricanes and Suns- Puff (lol) and Septum piercing . . . He just acts kinda different. hmm.

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  4. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! i ran around in circles wen i heard this song and the whole time i was screaming “halo!!!!” and my was jus looking at me and said “let me guess…tokio hotel?” and i said yes!!!!! lol dude iz it jus me or did billz voice get deeper???????!!!!!!! so fkn sexy ay dios mio santo me robo mi corazon Bill tu eres mi angel!!!!!!!!!

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  5. omg i love this song soooooooooooo much <33333333 it gives me chills every time i hear it <3333333333333 ahh <333 i love it so much <333 its just, amazing. come pain, come hurt, see the halo, ha ha halo <3

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  6. Ha-ha-halo…
    Don’t we all love it?! XD
    ohh… its sounds great… I feel like driving real fast in a sunset setting… in cool shades…
    I can’t wait for them to play it live! XD
    all together everybody: “Sexy Hexy!”

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  7. The halo referred to is a Galactic Halo.Hurricanes and Suns are planetary occurrences in outer space.We only have one sun.I do believe it is a Humanoid drop or spin off as it is dated 2009.Oh,yes,it should have made the cut if that’s the case no?

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    • I knew it! I thought to myself, and I said “Hmm? ‘Hurricanes and Suns’ sounds like a storm that goes down on planet Vulcan or something.” LOL And hell yeah, this should have been on the Humanoid album. This is single quality right here.

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  8. I think the life and death part of the song is just showing how love in life and death should be the halo that you reach for…..idk *shrugs* that is how i understand bill’s words ….

    but i love this song….. i just feel so full of life now….
    but sadly i’m annoyed by the chick who keeps interrupting bill’s singing -.-

    is there any song without her???

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    • yes there is! search for TheThoTokio on youtube. Hurricanes and Suns [Cherrytree Radio Full Version]

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  9. I already liked the song the 1st time I hear it.. Listened to it on youtube and played it again..and again..and again………. Love it =) !!!

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  10. ehmmm, this is off topic..but you should check this video on youtube bout adam lambert answering fan qs bout bill..not good not good at all..i think am turning to an overprotective fan, but telling someone that they are scared cus the closet is a scary place not nice!!

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    • Yeah, I saw it. I cannot believe something that ignorant came out of his mouth. -_-

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    • bills secret lover says:

      I don’t like Adam Lambert he said so many things about bill mean while he was hiding his sexuality on American Idol until his pictures with him kissing a guy was released on the internet he is just sitting there waiting for bill to say “Oh I’m Gay” just because he likes Bill and Adam Lambert would never accept the fact the Bill is STRAIGHT just because of his man crush My word to Adam is ” Honey Get over yourself and your crush because Bill is straight and not yours to date!..”
      I have nothing against gay guys I have so many gay friends but they respect people and their decisions and Adam just doesn’t care if a guy is Straight or not he just wants what he wants and he is annoying… I would love to see him in person

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    • ^and this is how fanwars start^
      i saw the video and ur blowing it WAY out of proportion people.
      we have enuf going on in reality to get angry over a vague muffled comment made by adam lambert.
      lets stay on topic.
      HURRICANES AND SUNS!!! WOOOOOOTT!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

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  11. this definitely is different. the end even have a club vibe. its a very depressing uplifting song

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  12. bills secret lover says:

    The song is Amazing and had any one realized bill voice got so much sexier ahhhhhh I am so freaking out dancing around my room I am so happy right now I can see Bills halo lol

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  13. Oh. My. Gosh. Left me with shivers and built up happiness!! Every time I listen to it I just want to run around and dance! This song is amazing!!
    Although I think it should be called Halo rather than Hurricanes and Suns :)

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  14. Bills voice is so dreamy :D

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  15. OH MY GOD. This isn’t anything like what I expected. It’s even BETTER. O.O It’s perfect. It embodies everything I love about music. Jesus Christ. I LOVE them. For a while, my love for them was tapering off…but it’s just come back. Full force. I love this song.

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  16. kaulitzgirl102 says:

    OMG!!!!! bill sent a chill down my spine the second i heard his voice ( i luv it when he sings deep like that ). i luv the song…… bills voice is amazing and it just gets better as time goes on…………OMG …………this makes me just want a whole new album even more, i guess this will have tide me over till then…………..i luv it

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    • Ashley-Faye says:

      Yeah I totally agree with you, Bill has an extremely sexy low voice. I hope he sings deep like this for the new album!

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  17. Once again, I have fallen in love with another TH song, not surprising lol. I’m sure I’m not the only one, keep up the good work guys =]

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