Tokio Hotel Darkside Approaches One Million

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The Tokio Hotel Darkside of the Sun Video on Youtube is approaching One MILLION views on the Tokio Hotel Channel! If you have not checked it out lately, go for it now and then comment and rate too?

Darkside of the Sun Youtube

As Bill would say… THANK YOU SO MUCH!

And… Tom, well… he says:

Are you subscribed to the Tokio Hotel Channel?


  1. YAY we hit 1 million views at about 8:45 am eastern time! I know I was one of the people watching it this morning over and over, even though it was hard not to come here and look at Tom’s gif….

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  2. HOLY SHIT THE GIF!!!! :O______

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  3. Mrs. Tom Kaulitz says:

    Holy jesus! I dont noe what to say about that gif. I can barely type!

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  4. TOKIOHOTELupd8s says:

    when I bought HUMANOID CD..and DSOTS is 2nd in the album…..WHEN I HEARD IT ..I said.. ” THIS IS GONNA BE A HIT…” And I was right!!!!

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