MTV EMA’s – Tokio Hotel Nominated

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No news yet on whether Tokio Hotel will make an appearance at the MTV EMAs in Madrid on November 7. 

Don’t despair. There is still cause for celebration with the group’s nomination for Best World Stage Performance.  Let’s make some noise and add an exclamation point to the Humanoid City Tour with a win.  Start voting and don’t stop until the link goes dead.

Voting link is here

Go to the Fanclub Forum for links to various countries


  1. I voted an whole week and they won. face it, Tokio Hotel has the BEST fanz in th WORLD!!!

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  2. Omgoshh its going to be in Belfast thats where i live, i actually need to win tickets (;
    p.s why would they choose belfast :/ sh*t holee

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  3. it says “You have exceeded the amount of votes allowed.”
    i guess my job is done for the day :))

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  4. as you keep voting for the guys don’t forget to vote against perry in the categories she has been nominated! we should send her home empty handed. this will she will have more people to dis and might live TH alone!
    vote for TH and Against perry!

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  5. and as i continuously vote for Tokio Hotel, a song pops up and plays in my head….

    “And we can build this dream together
    Standing strong forever
    Nothing’s gonna stop us now
    And if this world runs out of lovers
    We’ll still have each other
    Nothing’s gonna stop us, nothing’s gonna stop us now, whoa no”

    Keep on clicking , Go Tokio!!!!

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  6. Come on everyone!

    We cant only depend on other TH fans to vote, we all have to do our part! Vote as much as you can, so we can see TH Liveon our screens on the 9th! Vote all day if you have to, it’s only 100 times – and look how much TH has done for us, lets give them somthing back and vote for them as many times as we can

    TH Fans are the best, so lets not let them down!

    VOTE NOW!!

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  7. xoRandomness says:

    Ok its not letting me vote. The voting picture thing isn’t there. Sorry you’re gonna be one down til I figure this out. :(
    This happened to anyone else? Its not letting me vote for anyone! Is the site down?

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    • anna (billitsa)-GREECE says:

      hmm dunno it doesn’t happen 2 me :S i always go 2 the artists ,then pick TH and then vote them from there,it’s waaay easier…but dunno why this happens 2 u :S if i find sth i’ll tell ya =)

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  8. goldilocks says:

    This year’s EMAs will actually be broadcast in America on Sunday, November 7th. Too bad Tokio Hotel isn’t performing, it would be great exposure from them. However, that is all the more reason to make sure that they win to get the recognition they deserve!

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  9. vote for tokio hotel

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  10. lovekaulitztwins says:

    nobody told me but if they dont win competitions that means they are not a good band so im afraid for them not to break up seeing they are loosing their fans……i want them to win

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  11. finqer feels like Tom’s finqer when he plays breakaway live.
    Dear finqer, i love you, it’s all for a qood cause
    *anqelical face* 8′)

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  12. lovekaulitztwins says:

    yeaahhh……..right……WE are gonna win…………lets beat the rest……………………………..
    dont give up……….i dont want th to break up…..
    they have to win competitions to be a goog band
    die beste oder nicht!!!!!!!!!!don`t stop voting!!!!!!!!!

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  13. AngyKaulitz says:

    We’re soooo gonna win this award.I vote for,like a 150 times for a day.But I think that they count second vote after 12 hours.And,I have a question.Will TH perform at EMA’S?

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