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Thank you to Stern for this first review.

The Portuguese girls behave themselves VERY WELL all the time. A huge THANK YOU to them otherwise all could be ruined. Everything was very relaxed, of course people cried and so, of course we had a blast and made many noise at the concert, but no high hysterisms that would let the boys not at ease or ruin the planed stuff.

I still can’t believe it! Phantomider acoustic is just BEAUTIFUL! And Pain of Love is so powerful! those were the best for me. They interacted a lot with us, they made eye contact with everyone, they waved. They were a step away from us. I don’t know if any images will be released from that, because I didn’t notice the press filming. I was just going around the stage… no stress, no nothing. NO ONE took camera or cells and no one tried. I think they were also happy for that, for being able to perform without everyone shooting flashes at them.

Bill is still beautiful and breath taking, he isn’t as skinny as he looks like. And with those tight jeans, sorry to say but you can’t avoid but to stare at his crotch. Of course, I didn’t look there all the time. hehe

We saw the stage with the lights of the hall on while waiting for them to come. WOW! It is sooo detailed, really cool! I told Georg and Bill, the stage was awesome, and they “really, did you like it?”, and me “yes, its really cool.” They were all excited about it, you can see they are really excited and happy with the tour and it’s just great!

When I told them “Tokio Hotel America sends you their love and best wishes for the tour”, they were all surprised and repeated “Tokio Hotel America?” and Bill and Tom thanked. I just had to include you, because I love you all here too much.

The signing was inside the venue where the concert was, but we left and then came back. Again by groups, and guess who were first to go us! I was so lucky smart to have told the guy we had a group formed right at the beginning, we got called first for everything and we were all together. The VIPs going were to be the first entering for the signing, but the band security stopped them, they look at the bracelets and said:”pink bracelets (fans bracelets)”, and they just “shoved” the vips aside and took us in. That was so funny!

There Gustav was first, then Georg, then Bill and then Tom. Bill was seated higher than the other in a high bench, and his legs crossed under the butt ( sorry to be so specific but I don’t know how to say it in other way).

Manuel Lino the photographer with us, took the photos while we got our stuff signed. I have at least a photo where I must look like a dork. He and Optimus will send all the photos to us later.

You could get anything signed, but most just had the card because that’s what they told us to take and as I said everyone was really behaved, so many, maybe most just took take. I got that and my #6 card I had on my neck signed. hehe. Some fans asked them to sign their TH tattoos and so.

I am dead now though I don’t think I will be able to sleep. I will try to make a review tomorrow

Tokio Hotel Happy

a little more

I really don’t know what else to tell you for now, I was really calm though through it all. Maybe because I had set my mind to say something and not just hi to them and somehow I manage it and I am so glad I did.

More, on stage Bill owns! The other were nice too, but Bill is beyond. They did the 5 songs, it was about half an hour. Many liked Humanoid Acoustic a lot, I myself think it’s more powerful if not acoustic. I didn’t see a piano for Tom, he played keyboards (don’t know exactly how those are called). Gustav though it’s in the middle now and more visible somehow, it’s still kinda invisible because either they put his drums up or you can’t see him very well. There is a lot of stairs in the stage, Bill went to the higher ones making some nice moves on the last song “Shadow”, I wasn’t expecting for them to sing that one, it was a wonderful surprise and it is really touchy live. Bill’s voice is GREAT! nothing to worry about, strong and clear.

There was a press conference at the end of the signing. They answered in German and it was translated.

Now, I am going to bed!



    maybe now that they kno they hav fans here they’ll come!!!!im soooo excited haha cant wait if they do decide to come!!!!i bet they come here after they go to mexico and if they do…..lets just say everybody in my neighborhood will kno bout it haha!!!!

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  2. I´m so fucking excited 4 their Tour, it´s gonna b fantastic, can U imagine Phantomider acoustic, Humanoid Acoustic, n In ur shadow I can shine n Pain of love live?? HUMANOID CITY TOUR ROCKS!!!

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  3. you are so lucky boy i would of died to see them thank you for mentioning tha there usa tour is gona be bigger than the eroupe tour most defitnely i cant wait gosh i hope to meet them and if i ever do i will post it here for u guys


    tokio hotel for life

    and remember were the fericest th fans in the whole wide world

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  4. Holyy Shitt. Your so Effing Lucky. I Can Just Picture Myself Being There Talking To Bil Like You Did. ^^
    Wow I’d Probably Spazz. (:
    I Can Just Imagine The Look On Bill’s Face When I Say I Like The Stage & His Look. :D

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  5. musicalischekatze says:

    Thanks for your report, and thank you for representing the family that is THA:)

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  6. OH.MY.GOD.
    do you know what this means? the boys MIGHT, just MIGHT visit this site soon, and see how awesome it is and maybe even read some comments! *_*
    if youre reading this, guys, we love you, and rock on! :D

    but yes, thankyou so much for the report on the concert, stern! we love you too! haha xD

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  7. oh my gosh… In Your Shadow LIVE?
    yes, it certainly will be so much more touching live.
    i can only imagine how they perform in person, as im livin’ @the other end of the world. T_T

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  8. looo0ceans says:

    “…his legs crossed under the butt…” BWAHHAHA!!! I absolutely love this. And I think that “In Your Shadow” live is the song i’m looking towards to most!!!!

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  9. elderhausgirlz says:

    Oh, Stern, I am so happy that you had such a wonderful experience!! It sounds absolutely dreamy and I know you’ll treasure your memories of that once-in-a-lifetime experience forever. I don’t think any of us can thank you enough for sharing it with us!! Stern for the WIN!!

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  10. thnks for the info dude ;D glad you had fun!! and this is just the beginning

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  11. “Bill was seated higher than the other in a high bench, and his legs crossed under the butt…”

    haha i do that all the time xD

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  12. Ah. In Your Shadow. Live.

    My jealously just shot through the roof. I hope the tour set list includes it. Ouh please!

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  13. dillydally says:

    OH! That sounds awesome! I’m so glad you had a great time! And thanks for including the rest of the fanclub! You’re so considerate! Wow! If I was there, I don’t even know, I think I’d faint, because the way you describe the experience is way better than I’ve ever dreamed about! lol

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