PETA says “Tokio Hotel Loves Animals”

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On a PETA Blog, they are talking about guys, their love for animals and sharing a link to buy their DVD! Wow to go with the elephant love, Tom! You should really proud to be recognized for this! They also think Bill has the best hair ever!

After watching Tokio Hotel’s recent DVD, Caught on Camera, two things became very clear to me—the boys in Tokio Hotel are hilarious, and they really care about animals. When the subject of their rather elaborate entrance to MTV’s Video Music Awards on a monster truck came up, the boys took the opportunity to mention how they felt about rapper T-Pain arriving on an elephant.

Tokio Hotel’s vocalist (with the best hair ever, I might add), Bill Kaulitz, said “it was sheer cruelty—it was that.” Bill’s brother and Tokio Hotel’s guitarist, Tom, followed Bill’s thought by saying “I hate zoos and circuses. People shouldn’t take their children to either one.” We couldn’t agree more, boys! Circuses are certainly no fun for animals, as they are confined to small enclosures, forced to do tricks, beaten with sharp metal bullhooks, and unable to live a normal life. Thankfully, there are quite a few all human circuses out there, which are a very entertaining alternative!

If you haven’t seen the DVD for yourself, you can purchase it here!




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  2. Great, I agree with PETA, it is important to care about animals and treat them well. Good job Tokie Hotel.

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  3. Anja Cabral says:

    I totally agree too.Tokio Hotel fans should unite and go to web sites and sign petitions on ending animal cruelty.Ex: go to Animal Awareness Campaign,sign pet. against skinning animals alive in China.

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  4. I’ve watched it and I cant agree more with the Tom and the rest of the guys….And yay ! Im glad that PETA recognized the guys!

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