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This was published in the newest Bravo and thank you to beertje_86 for the translation. Gustav, we hope you are healing well and thank goodness for the friend who made you to go the hospital in time!

Drama for Tokio Hotel drummer Gustav Schäfer (20)! The Magdeburger had to be taken into emergency surgery in his hometown. Ruptured appendix, life threatening! The exclusive interview at his sick bed…

Bravo; You had an emergency surgery for your appendix. What happened?
Gustav: Two days after new years I woke up with a terrible stomach ache. I got myself some tea and thought: it will go away eventually. It did go well on some moments. But when the pain only got worst in the evening I decided to call a friend.

Bravo; Did you go to the hospital then right away?

Gustav: No, stupid enough, I didn’t wanna go to the hospital. I underestimated the whole thing. My friend came over to my house and thank god talked me into going to the hospital after all.

Bravo; Did they operate on you right away?
Gustav: The doctors first did a few little tests and after that immediately took me into surgery!

Bravo; A ruptured appendix can be very dangerous. How bad was it all?
Gustav: The doctors told me that if had gotten there a little later it all could have ended differently. It was really close. Off course you know that a ruptured appendix can be dangerous. I don’t get from myself why I acted the way I did. I owe my friend a lot.

Bravo; How did the surgery go? How long did it take? Do you still feel pain?
Gustav: The surgery took about an hour and happened while I was under full anaesthetics. The doctors made three small holes in my belly. They operated through that. Three days later, on 5 January I was released from the hospital.

Bravo; Do you still have pain?
Gustav: I barely feel pain anymore. But my belly doesn’t really feel great either of course…


  1. DianaSchäfer says:

    OMG Gustav! take care of yourself! we need ya, cus without you we wont have a Tokio Hotel! your very important in the band even if u don’t think so, you might be always in the back but u are the one that gives the signal when to start and the tempo. well on my opinion your the most important member in the whole band!
    well I G2G TTYL BYE!
    Ich Liebe Gustav!

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  2. aw, his friend is a true angel. i’m so thankful that he is okay!

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  3. whoever u r friend is, he is an angle from up above! u could have died! aaaaahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! it gives me chills just thinking about it! I says:

    wow! that was close I <3 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. I’m so glad he’s okay. <3

    Ich liebe dich, Gustav.

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  5. TokioAdriana says:

    I’m soooo glad Gustav is better!!! I could not imagine if… NEIN!!! I’m sooo thankful to Gustav’s friend!!!!

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  6. LucyKaulitz says:

    yay gusti!
    I’m so happy your feeling better.
    we need you!
    and we all love you

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  7. BreAnna W says:

    OMG! without Gustav there is no Tokio Hotel! Take care of yourself, Silly! We need your crazy booty to play the drums and make us all laugh!

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