1000 Meere Performance

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Star Academy with English Subtitles at the end when they are interviewed.\

In case it is too hard to read…

Nikos (host): Bill, how are you doing?
Bill: Great~! (in german so correct me if i’m wrong)
Nikos: You left a little bit fast before, I wanted you to present the band and your musicians.
Your twin brother and guitarist Tom, the drumer is called Gustav and the bassist Georg.
Bill, do you know that nowadays in France, at school, they learn German thanks to you? How do you explain your success?
Bill: I almost can’t believe it! It’s really great to know that they learn german thanks to us, cause us, about the languages we’re a little bit lazy. So congrats to evryone who’s learning German.
Nikos: Do you have the feet on the ground? Everything is clear in your mind?
Bill: Everything is good, we’re doing great and we have a great public!
Nikos: Thank you very much.
Listen closely, Tokio Hotel will be at Bercy on March 9th 2008. It’s already 600’000 CD sold in France, 120’000 DVD, 95’000 concert tickets sold in 24 hours. It’s insane!
The best of your tour on November 30th in a DVD called Zimmer 483 Tour. Good luck and thank you for being with us tonight.


  1. Cici yeah they sang Monsun with Jeremy. He is one of the contestants on the star academy show.

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  2. hey, did they actually sing with someone? im confused…

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  3. Ah Niko,lucky guy
    Let’s bring them in our country!!

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  4. hey, i know him(the host, nikos)he’s greek:):)good performance by the way

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